During the first half of 2020, I took part in an internship at Talespin Enterprise. They specialize in creating an 'Immersive Learning' environment using AR, VR and AI technologies. Their goal is to work towards the 'future of work' with the use of mixed reality. To keep it simple, they have created several applications, but the main 3 allow for:
- The creation of VR learning environments.
- The playability of those learning environments.
- The measurement of player progress in the learning environments.

Goal: During my time as an Intern, I got assigned various difficulties of tasks with the aim of me finishing the internship at the level of a junior unity developer.

Context: This internship was under NDA, thus no details about the project itself can be given.


Duration: 22 weeks
Scrum Team Size: 7-8
Programming Language: C#
Platform: Unity
Roles: VR Feature implementation, General Gameplay Implementation

Picture of from google that shows bug fixing

Bug Fixing

At the start of my internship, the only preliminairy info they had on me was what they got during the application process. To both make sure that I understood the Unity project that I would be working in AND to test my capability they initially only assigned bugs as my tasks. This came in handy as they built an entire custom system on top of Unity to fit their needs that required some studying to properly understand. Turns out that they also just needed someone to fix their ever increasing list of bugs as they were short on time...


Feature Implementation

It took maybe a week or two to get assigned my first few feature implementation tasks. They saw that I got the hang of their system quite fast and assigned some medium sized tasks to me. One thing that was important to learn during these first few feature tasks was that rushing is always bad and will just cause more issues in the future. Some mistakes were made but as I was an intern, this was expected and instead of reprecussions I got advice instead. One of the many good things about Talespin. The Major features I worked on had to do with integrating networking features with some of the UI menus. This had the added bonus of giving me a bunch of experience with VR UI interactions and networking features.

Another image from google

Team Input

Naturally as I got more used to the system that was in place, I was able to put my own two cents into the sprint meetings. The opinions given were usually about system structure, feature implementation and about project progression. Allowing me to take part in the conversation has lead me to gaining great experience with communication, problem solving and team building.

All in all it was an amazing learning opportunity, giving me the confidence AND experience that I need to join the game development industry.